For foreign customers

            Our commercial and industrial company has an experience in supplying industrial pumps and spare parts for modern  pumps produced in CIS countries and for the previous generations pumps produced in the Soviet Union.            

            Own manufacturing facility and the availability of experienced staff allows quickly produce spare parts for pump equipment the following types:


Centrifugal pumps: D, ND, NDS, CN

Centrifugal multistage pumps CNS

Sewage pumps SM

Submersible pumps ECV

Centrifugal vortex pumps CVK

Condensate pumps Ks, KsV

Cantilever pumps K

Cantilever pumps KM

Vortex pumps VK, VKS, VKO

Feed pumps PE

Network pumps SE

Groundwater pump GRAT, GRT

Oil pumps NK, ND, N

Vacuum pumps VVN, VKN.


           Experience with leading manufacturers and goal orientation in company work allows us to shipment all over the world in the shortest time.

If your company has a need to supplying pumping equipment and spare parts for it, send it by e-mail to:,

        Our company is able to supply a wide range of mechanical seals for pumping equipment. In addition to standard products, we can pick up the necessary constructive for your equipment as soon as possible.

The use of mechanical seal has a number of advantages in comparison with the moral ustarivaet stuffing box:

Ensures reliable operation of machines and plants

Minimal leakage compacted product

Increased explosive fire safety and cleanroom

Reducing the consumption of electric energy

Minimum loss (by two to three orders of magnitude smaller than the padded seal) of water-oil-chemical products.


The main types of mechanical seals supplied:

6AR-7AR - for marine pumps NCV, NTSVS, ESP, CNR, NTSVA, NTSVM, CNR, CN, NC, CLE (pressure of 1.5 MPa (7 AP) temperature up to +100 ° C)

2A - Pump ENPS, 1.5 km, 2 km, 1 Sun, 3 km, and others (0.2 MPa pressure, temperature up to +50 ° C)

PTS 25, 34, 45 at NVD motors 36, 43, 48, 23/30 (pressure of 0.6 MPa and the temperature up to +100 ° C)

UT 1E, 1F, 1C (single), 2P, 2F (double) with sealing elements made of rubber and PTFE for a variety of petrochemical products (acids, alkalis) - on pumps of EVTS, GNOME, 1G51, X, XM, AH, CW CV, Realist, Scho (0,3-08 MPa pressure, temperature -40 ° C +80 ° C)

SNPs, the PMC, ONT, BO (single), DNA, DNT (double) for petroleum products at the pumps type H, NY, ND, NC, NPS (pressure of 2.5 MPa), the UNP, the PMC, ONT (pressure of 3.5 MPa , Temperature - 15 ° C +200 ° C)

USG - for liquefied petroleum gas and a variety of oil products and petrochemicals (pressure of 3.5 MPa, the temperature of -15 ° C to +400 ° C)

UNK, CNT - Pump NGD, ND, H, HT, NA (pressure of 2.5 MPa, temperature -15 +200 ° C) for different oil products

TMM - for main neftenasosov type M and NM (pressure of 5.5 MPa, the temperature of -15 ° C to +80 ° C)

T (TN) 1.2 - for oil, condensate and others (pressure of 0.8 MPa and temperature of +70 ° C).